Strengthen Your Team with Body Leasing

With our body leasing services, you can easily adjust the composition of your team to the current project needs. Our range of IT specialists, from Java programmers, DevOps experts, to cloud solutions and software architecture professionals, allows you to flexibly manage human resources. Strengthen your team with our specialists.

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What is Body Leasing?

Body leasing is a cooperation model in which we provide specialized workers to your team for a specific period of time. Our body leasing services allow you to scale resources quickly and efficiently depending on the current needs of your project. We offer a wide range of IT specialists, from Java programmers and DevOps experts, to cloud solutions and software architecture professionals.

Operating from our Office - Why Does it Matter?

Our employees work remotely, but not from home – they all operate from our central office. This unique approach brings a number of benefits. Firstly, it ensures high-level coordination and efficient team communication. Secondly, employees have constant access to support from colleagues and management. Finally, by working remotely from an office, we are able to better monitor progress and ensure that work time is effectively utilized. This gives our clients confidence that projects are carried out on time and to expectations.


Benefits of Using Body Leasing Services

Flexibility and scalability

Body leasing allows companies to quickly scale their team resources in response to changing project needs.

Access to specialists

Body leasing gives companies access to a wide spectrum of specialists in various fields, who may not be available in the local job market.

Risk reduction

By using body leasing services, companies don't have to worry about HR processes such as recruitment, training, payroll management, or legal issues related to employment.


Many companies find body leasing to be more cost-effective than hiring full-time employees, especially for short-term or seasonal projects.

Allows focus on core aspects of business

With external resources hired on a body leasing basis, project managers and leaders can focus on the core aspects of the business, while external specialists handle specific tasks.

Quick project execution

With the availability of specialists on-demand, projects can be executed faster than if the company had to hire and train its own employees for specific tasks.

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