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Welcome to Szewczyk IT – your hub for Java education, comprehensive IT services, and AI implementation. Your technological growth starts here!

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Programming Academy: Your Gateway to the IT World

Experience more than just Java learning with our Programming Academy. Embark on a comprehensive journey into the IT world that leaves you with skills on par with a computer science degree.

Our Services: Turning Your Ideas Into Reality

Let us transform your ideas into functional applications with our broad range of services.

Our dedicated team tailors solutions to your needs, ensuring the highest quality of delivery.


Private, Self-hosted Artificial Intelligence

Discover the power of private, self-hosted artificial intelligence. Invest in independence and privacy with our Private, Self-hosted AI service. Your own AI model, working even without internet access.

About Us

Szewczyk IT is where passion and innovation meet. Our seasoned professionals excel in Java programming education, quality IT services, and the implementation of private, self-hosted AI solutions. Whether you are an aspiring programmer or a business seeking bespoke IT solutions, at Szewczyk IT we ‘Make IT Better’. Start your tech journey with us.

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