Unleashing the Power of AI in Your Business

Discover how Szewczyk IT can transform your operations, services, and decision-making processes with custom AI solutions. We specialize in tailoring AI capabilities to your needs – from private implementation of the state-of-the-art GPT4All to sophisticated natural language processing solutions. Explore how we can empower your business to thrive in the digital age.

Your business. Your AI.


Who hasn't heard of ChatGPT?!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been with us for many years, but a large language model like ChatGPT seems to be the most significant milestone.

Who wouldn't want such an assistant?

That’s possible! Although ChatGPT is not yet like JARVIS, you can have your private large language model on your server, disconnected from the internet, if that’s your operating model. In the cloud but entirely yours, you don’t send your private data to foreign servers hoping that nobody takes over them. And your data will train it!


Make it the best advisor for your customers.

Give it millions of your products to analyze, and it will become your customers’ best advisor. How? In any way you want. PDF documentation, HTML pages, Word documents, and many more.

Need a quick classifier?

How about a quick classifier that makes fewer mistakes than humans and operates 24/7/365, and never gets tired?


How about personalized product recommendations?

AI can enhance sales and customer satisfaction by analyzing customer data and creating tailored product recommendations. Harness the power of AI to transform shopping into a personalized experience.

Our AI can handle many tasks very well.

The AI we implement can’t yet figure out how to discover new elements,

but there are many things it handles really well:

Natural Language Processing

Leverage the power of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to automate text processing tasks, perform sentiment analysis, and classify content. Advanced NLP capabilities enable accurate and efficient language understanding.

Information Processing

Streamline data processing and organization with advanced information processing solutions. The system can analyze vast amounts of data and provide quick access to relevant information, enhancing decision-making processes.

Answering Questions

Empower customers with instant answers and information. The AI-powered system possesses extensive knowledge and understands natural language, allowing it to address a wide range of queries and provide accurate responses.

Content Creation

Unlock the potential of AI to generate high-quality content on various topics. From writing and editing assistance to creating engaging content, the AI system can help streamline the content creation process.

Customer Support and Chatbots

Enhance customer support services with an interactive chatbot solution. The AI-powered chatbot can handle customer inquiries, provide product or service information, and seamlessly route requests to the appropriate departments. It also offers reliable technical support.

Sentiment Analysis

Gain valuable insights into customer sentiment using Sentiment Analysis solutions. By analyzing customer reviews, social media posts, and other sources, the AI system can help understand how products or services are perceived, enabling informed business decisions.

Business Process Automation

Optimize text processing tasks with AI-driven Business Process Automation solutions. From sorting and categorizing emails to generating reports, the system can automate various processes, improving efficiency and productivity.

Text Proofreading and Editing

Ensure flawless content with AI-based text proofreading and editing solutions. The system can efficiently detect grammatical, stylistic, and punctuation errors, offering suggestions for corrections to improve the overall quality of texts.


Expand global reach with reliable translation capabilities. The AI system can accurately translate texts into different languages, enabling effective communication for companies operating in international markets.

Information Analysis and Extraction

Uncover valuable insights and trends hidden within large text datasets using Information Analysis and Extraction solutions. The AI system excels in searching and extracting specific information, enabling market analysis, competitor research, and more.

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