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Welcome to Szewczyk IT, the home of innovation and profound expertise. Our team of seasoned professionals, armed with an unwavering passion for technology, is dedicated to transforming your tech aspirations into reality. Here, we don’t just provide IT services – we craft top-tier, personalized solutions that empower you and your business. Dive into the Szewczyk IT experience, where we ‘Make IT Better’.

Meet the Innovators Behind Szewczyk IT​

Krzysztof Szewczyk

CEO | Trainer | Tech Lead | Java Principal | Linux Expert

At the heart of Szewczyk IT is Krzysztof Szewczyk, a seasoned IT professional with over a decade of experience in the industry. Krzysztof’s diverse experience encompasses a wide array of IT technologies, with notable accomplishments in leading significant projects for large-scale systems in the medical and industrial sectors. A gifted trainer and Tech Lead, he excels in designing and implementing SOA solutions, from fundamental elements like database structure to user interfaces. His excellent supervisory, decision-making, and communication skills truly embody the spirit of Szewczyk IT.

Krzysztof Szewczyk
Mirosław Szewczyk

Mirosław Szewczyk

Tech Lead | Cloud Architect | GCP Certified | CKA

Our Technical Lead and Cloud Architect, is a cornerstone of our cloud team. His expertise lies in creating complete cloud-based banking platforms, with nearly a decade of experience primarily in banking. As a GCP certified professional and a CKA, Mirosław’s cutting-edge approach to cloud architecture is instrumental in driving the technical success of our projects.

Krzysztof Brzana

Cloud Engineer / DevOps Team Lead | GCP Certified | CKA | CKAD

As a Cloud Engineer and DevOps Team Lead, Krzysztof Brzana’s talents are central to our team’s success. His skills and certifications, including GCP, CKA, and CKAD, underline his expertise. With substantial experience in banking and a broad set of roles, from IT Manager to Cloud Architect, his leadership and proficiency are essential for our technological advancements.

Krzysztof Brzana


At Szewczyk IT, we are proud to hold numerous certifications that validate our skills

and competencies in key areas of IT technology. Here are some of them:

Certified Kubernetes Skills:


CKA: Certified Kubernetes Administrator

A certification issued by The Linux Foundation, confirming our ability to administrate the Kubernetes system.

CKAD: Certified Kubernetes Application Developer

A certification issued by The Linux Foundation, underscoring our skills in developing applications using Kubernetes.

Google Cloud Competencies:


Professional Cloud Network Engineer

We have the skills necessary for designing, planning, and managing network services in Google Cloud.

Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer

A certification issued by Google Cloud that proves our DevOps capabilities within the Google Cloud environment.

Professional Cloud Architect

A certification issued by Google Cloud, validating our ability to design, build, and manage infrastructure in Google Cloud.

Additional Certifications:


ForgeRock Identity Platform DevOps Advanced Skills

We possess advanced DevOps skills for the Identity Platform from ForgeRock.


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